Breast Reconstruction (Implant reconstruction) in Biloxi, MS

Breast Reconstruction (Implant reconstruction) in Biloxi, MS

Breast Reconstruction (Implant reconstruction) is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring the shape and size of the breast following mastectomy. The procedure involves inserting a silicone or saline implant beneath the breast tissue or under the chest muscles to recreate a natural-looking breast mound. This reconstructive surgery can address asymmetry, loss of volume, or complete breast removal, providing patients with renewed confidence and a sense of wholeness. Breast Reconstruction can be tailored to individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach to each patient's situation. Implant reconstruction is performed at Memorial Hospital.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

● Restores breast shape and size
● Enhances symmetry and balance
● Improves self-confidence and body image
● Personalized approach to address individual needs
● It can be combined with other procedures for comprehensive results
● Long-lasting outcomes
● Minimal scarring with advanced surgical techniques
● Customizable implant options for natural-looking results
● Expert care and guidance throughout the process
● Renewed sense of femininity and self-esteem


Who is a good candidate for Breast Reconstruction?
Good candidates include individuals who have undergone mastectomy or experienced significant breast tissue loss and desire to restore their breast appearance.
Does Breast Reconstruction carry any risks?
Like any surgical procedure, Breast Reconstruction carries potential risks and complications, including infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, implant rupture or leakage, changes in breast or nipple sensation, and the need for additional surgeries. However, these risks are minimized with proper pre-operative evaluation, surgical technique, and postoperative care.
Is Breast Reconstruction possible during a mastectomy?
Yes, Breast Reconstruction can often be performed immediately following mastectomy in a procedure known as immediate reconstruction. This approach offers several benefits, including shorter overall treatment time, improved cosmetic outcomes, and reduced psychological impact associated with living without a breast mound. However, not all patients may be suitable candidates for immediate reconstruction, and the decision should be discussed with a qualified plastic surgeon before proceeding.
Is there any downtime or side effects associated with Breast Reconstruction?
Some downtime is expected, and common side effects may include temporary discomfort, swelling, and bruising, all of which can be managed with medication and postoperative care.
What should I do before and after Breast Reconstruction?
Before the procedure, patients should undergo a thorough consultation and follow pre-operative instructions provided by their surgeon. Afterward, they should follow postoperative care guidelines to ensure optimal healing and results.
How does Breast Reconstruction work?
The procedure involves inserting a silicone or saline silicone implant under the chest muscles or breast tissue to recreate a natural-looking breast mound. It is performed under general anesthesia, and the surgical technique may vary depending on individual needs and preferences.