Silicone or Saline?Breast Augmentation in Biloxi, MS

Breast augmentation currently ranks as the number one most commonly performed cosmetic surgery performed in America for 2016.  Just under 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries were reported through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons-an increase of 4% from 2015.  We have a few breast implant companies that have passed all aspects of FDA approval in the United States of America.  Allergan and Mentor are the two most commonly used companies.

A few things to consider prior to your Breast Augmentation consultation:

  • Both Saline and Silicone breast implants are safe and FDA-approved.
  • Saline Implants are FDA-approved for those 18 and older
  • Silicone Implants are FDA-approved for those 22 and older or those going through breast cancer reconstruction at any age.

The most important thing to consider, in my opinion, is selecting a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, as well as an ASPS member.