Otoplasty in Biloxi, MS

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Michael Diaz, M.D., F.A.C.S., performs ear surgery (otoplasty) on adults and children living in Mobile, Ocean Springs, Gulfport, and the surrounding communities of Mississippi who have protruding or misshapen ears and want to reposition and resize them, so they are less prominent.

What is Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)?

Ear surgery is a specialized procedure performed to correct misshaped or protruding ears. It is common for children to be born with ears missing the fold in the back of them, which causes them to stand out or overly large ears that lead to a lower self-image. While many undergo otoplasty early in life, others elect to correct their ears in their adult years.

The Best Candidates for Ear Surgery

If you have overly large ears, those that are misshaped or stick out, and are very self-conscious about them, you are a candidate for ear surgery. This surgery is most often performed on children between 4 and 14 years old but can be performed on adults as well.

Planning for Your Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a procedure that is typically performed on children; however, adults make the decision to have it as well. Prior to having otoplasty, it is necessary to schedule a consultation with Dr. Diaz so that he can evaluate your ears, overall health, and medical history. Once he does this, he makes a recommendation and offers a plan to achieve your desired look. This is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have.

For children, surgery can be a scary word. It is important to listen to what they say about their ears in terms of teasing at school and their feelings towards them. If they seem to be okay with the shape and size, it may be best to wait; however, if they are self-conscious around other kids, they are more likely to be open to the idea of repositioning their ears.

Preparing for Your Otoplasty

As with any other surgery, there are some things that must take place before the surgery can be performed. This includes having an overall check-up and bloodwork to make sure there are no underlying conditions that may be affected by surgery. Additionally, if you take certain medications and supplements that thin the blood, we recommend you stop taking them a few weeks prior to ensure proper healing. If you smoke, the same thing applies as it can hinder your healing process.

Since otoplasty involves anesthesia, it is necessary to have someone with you to take you home and stay with you for the first day or so. This ensures you can rest and are safely cared for until the anesthesia is out of your system.

Types of Anesthesia

Patients having otoplasty are given either general anesthesia or a local with sedation. Dr. Diaz determines the type used based on the extent of the surgery as well as the age of the patient.

Otoplasty Procedure

The actual procedure varies based on the goal of the surgery. Typically, with protruding ears, incisions are made behind the ear to remove cartilage and create the fold in the natural rim of the ear. If there is a need to make the incisions on the front of the ears, they are placed in very inconspicuous areas so that they are not noticeable. Once this is complete, the incisions are closed internally using dissolvable sutures and then externally. Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure and usually takes about two hours to complete. Depending on the age of the patient, general or local anesthesia may be used.

After Your Otoplasty

Once the surgery is complete, the ears are bandaged and wrapped to protect and support the ears. The original bandages are bulky to promote healing and allow better molding of the newly shaped ears. With children, it is essential that they stay calm and avoid active play while recovering from the surgery. The external stitches are usually removed within a week.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in Mississippi?

The cost of otoplasty is different with each patient depending on what is done to the ears and if another procedure is performed at the same time. During the consultation with Dr. Diaz, he may review the costs as well as payment options including financing with CareCredit®.

Getting Back to Normal Following Otoplasty

Most patients return to work or school within a week but must refrain from any strenuous activities for several weeks. It is also recommended to avoid bending over for a couple of weeks.

Your New Look

Once the ears have fully healed, the results are excellent. The results are permanent.

If you live in or around Mobile, Ocean Springs, Gulfport and the surrounding communities of Mississippi and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform otoplasty (ear surgery), contact Michael Diaz, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Biloxi, MS, today to set up an appointment.

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